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Lost Generation - GIL (15) - GIL (Flexi-disc)

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  1. THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - SEARCHIN' FOR MY MAINLINE 3-CD box set Too Much/Just Right Productions for Diamonds In Your Ear Germany, CD 1: Venus In Furs/Heroin (3'53) - WNET TV, February * EDITED - Andy says intro from "What Goes On" Loop (excerpt) (1'08) - Aspen flexi-disc, Diaries, Notes & Sketches (3'53) - film.
  2. THE SURFSIDERS- Fun Fun Fun from The Surfsiders Sing The Beach Boys Songbook, STAN FREBERG- The Great Pretender () ”If nailed down to pick my favorite of the twelve [on this album], I would probably pick The Great Pretender because in addition to coming out fairly funny it lampoons a musical trend that I personally loathe. In all my records I have conscientiously tried to separate.
  3. Morio Agata was apparently a moderately successful pop singer in Japan in the 70's. So to keep up with the times he made some synth-pop tunes in , which resulted in the cheesy new-wavesploitation album " 乗物図鑑" on Vanity.(Which you can download on the rather lovely 'Bleak Bliss' blog by clicking here! This Flexi-Disc, free with 'Rock Magazine' in Japan, has the first track from that.
  4. Banda inglesa de shoegaze e dream-pop. - Slowdive (EP) [Creation Records - CRESCD ]: Download - Holding Our Breath (EP) [Creation Records - CRESCD ]: Download
  5. OUTRE Quarterly Magazine from United States Ceased publication - First and last issue: - Michael Stein of Filmfax created Outre magazine, in , to cover art, music and other pop culture that wouldn't fit into Filmfax. - It was published 4 times per year until when, for financial reasons, it was merged with Filmfax to form Filmfax Plus.
  6. Before things get too serious at Rock On Vinyl, I thought it might be fun to post a song at the end of each month, that could be considered to be either W eird, O bscure, C razy or just plain K orny. Melanie (Safka) was born on February 3rd in New York. Her mother was an Italian-born jazz singer.
  7. SEPTEMBER 18/8/15 pm. FLEXI-DISC™ Tubular Cable Conveyors By Ana M. Gil Rodríguez and Teresa Requena, Institute of Research in .
  8. The LP some 15 years later has not dated one bit, as with all good music it’s qualities have and resonance have matured and endured, it’s subtleties have become more apparent and beguiling. maybe just wasn’t ready for a band playing contemporary English Folk Music.

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